Sunday, March 06, 2011

Syria Aiding Gaddafi's Genocide?

Well, why not? Barack Obama acted rather unilaterally and appointed an ambassador to the rouge nation - a recess appointment, because even his own pathetic party knows better - and as a return for Obama's "open hand", the Syrians have been emboldened, and have felt free to used a closed fist on everyone nearby. Including innocent Libyan civilians, who are now under threat from Syrian jets:

Al Jazeera is reporting that free Libyan forces have downed two Syrian planes in Ras Lanuf, about 400 kilometers west of Benghazi. Unconfirmed reports had earlier suggested that the free Libyans had downed two Sukhoi SU-22s, which is what the Libyans train on in Syria.

Many senators remain upset that Obama refused to address their concerns on Syria and dispatched Ford as a recess appointment. They gave Obama’s outreach to Syria three months. Rather than improve Assad’s behavior, however, engagement has only worsened it. This is true even if the rumors of Syrian participation are exaggerated.

If Obama refuses to bring Ford home, perhaps it is time for Congress to reassert itself and play hardball with the State Department’s budget.

Long past time, especially since the worldly and intellectual Barack Obama seems stunningly clueless about the culture of the Middle East.

Fact #1, little man, is this: An open hand is seen as an invitation to slap the face of the one who offers it. Arabs determine strength as dogs determine dominance in a pack.

But maybe Obama does know this, and is working to bring America's international status down to his level: that of a Beta male.

And how will the wuss-in-chief acknowledge this information above, one that proves his overtures to Syrian to have been worthless and counter-productive?

With silence. Like all cowards...

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