Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Israeli Model Teaches Snake A Lesson..., this is not one of our IDF beauties snuffing out some Palestinian terrorist. This is the story of a real snake, who, when posing with an Israeli model, decided to take a nip at her tit.

But Miss Orit Fox came to the photoshoot armed, like many an Israeli girl. Not with a M-16, but with breasts full of silicone. And apparently, snakes don't like the taste of that one bit:

It should have been an alluring photoshoot between two of nature's beautiful creatures as a model wrapped herself in a snake.

But surgically enhanced Israeli model Orit Fox got more than she bargained for when the massive boa constrictor took objection to her over familiarity and reacted by biting into her breast.

However, it was the snake who came off worse because, while Ms Fox need a tetanus shot in hospital, the reptile later died from silicone poisoning.

Video of the bite is below, man, does it look painful! But props to Orit Fox, who proved yet again to the snakes of the world - both those who crawl on their bellies, and those who have learned to walk upright on two legs - that Israeli girls are not to be f*cked with....

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Joaquin said...

I'm sure the snake died!