Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chris Christie Vetoing Liberal Bullshit In New Jersey

Now, in the old days, New Jersey Democrats would have simply raised our taxes to pay for this shite:

Looks like word hasn’t reached all corners of New Jersey there is a new governor in Trenton
. Gov. Christie has partially rejected the minutes of the March 9 meeting of the Urban Enterprise Zone Authority because of what he describes as $45,700 in unnecessary promotional and entertainment-related expenses for the Long Branch UEZ. The governor’s office released this list:

-$14,000 for promotional items at “conventions, expositions and conferences,” including such things as pads, pens, notebooks, flashlights, key chains, tee shirts, letter openers, sanitizer, Frisbees and other promotional items.

-$15,750 for “videography services” for recording “major car shows, cruise nights and concerts.”

-$15,000 for the “layout, production, printing, mailing and postage of a “UEZ City Calendar.”

-$700 for “refreshments such as donuts and coffee.”

-$250 committed to “travel,” for unspecified individuals, to include “tolls, parking and gas....

Next up, he's vetoing legislation that was proven to be "soft on crime". Just ask the dead:

Gov. Christie has conditionally vetoed a bill that would have changed the cycle of mandatory parole review from every three years to every 10 years. He also provided for the full repeal of the mandatory early release law that became controversial recently when two people out on early parole allegedly were involved in separate homicides.

About the early release law championed by Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, Christie said, “Whatever original policy or principle motivated passage of this law, it failed to adequately consider the safety of the public. In recent months we have seen the horrific consequences of the early release law, which is why we must not wait any longer to take action and change it.”

There's no reason for criminals to have to go ten years between parole hearings; that's a bit cruel, even if the outcome if preordained. More importantly, he's working on repealing a law (signed by former governor and Democrat Jon Corzine) that gives dangerous criminals more freedom of movement than a scared public.

Trying to force taxpayers to ante up for frivolous spending, while setting criminals free to kill again - that's the way of the New Jersey Democrats. Thank God we have Chris Christie here to fight for us.

We need 1,000 more like him...


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