Thursday, March 24, 2011

The War Against Israel: Media Already Finessing The Narrative....

...part of it is the casual anti-Semitism that is as common to the liberal crowd as terms like "tea-bagger" and "bitter clinger". The other part is the sheer unprofessionalism and laziness endemic to today's mainstream media, where it is easier to perpetuate a given storyline - no matter how out of date or downright untruthful - than to introduce a new paradigm to readers in order to help them understand developing events.

We are on the cusp of a third intifada against Israel, as the Palestinians fear a grim truth is about to slip out: The Middle East mess has absolutely nothing to do with the Jews, and everything to do with
the despots leading the Arab world, including Hamas. The Palis, like petulant teenagers, are peeved that the focus has been taken off their eternal grievance, while their leadership fears the next revolt could topple them. So war against Israel is declared, and the Fogel family is slaughtered in their bed (including a five month old baby), missiles begin to rain anew out of Gaza and into Southern Israel, and bombs blow up buses filled with children.

Where is the media on all of this? Nowhere. The Fogel story was barely reported, while the Gaza missile onslaught has been ignored entirely. The bus bombing got some airtime, but the story was already being placed into a "cycle of violence" meme, despite only one wheel of said cycle actually doing the violence.

Why would the media place what is essentially a blackout on Palestinian atrocities? Omri Ceren at Contentions gives us a hint:

A decision has apparently been made to escalate the violence against Israel, and Israel will eventually have to retaliate. When that happens the media spin will be somewhat split. Some of the coverage will imply that the Palestinians have exhausted their numinous patience with “the stalled peace process,” and can’t help but lash out. Other stories will insist that the Palestinians are merely reacting to an Israeli-triggered “cycle of violence,” and can’t help but lash out. Glossing over Palestinian violence at the beginning of the escalation is critical to making both narratives work.

So it will be "blame the Jews" time when Israel decides to protect her children from bloodthirsty murderers. Given the minimalistic noise from Barack Obama, there is no doubt he approves of the increasingly bizarre media spin, as it will prove a useful tool for which to bash Israel with when they do retaliate.

Nice to see the government and the media working hand-in-hand to destroy Israel. I would respect them both much more, though, if they would just come clean and admit exactly what they are doing....

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Conservative Libertine said...

The Media and Obama have been working hand in hand since the media mused in 2004 that Obama was a rising star in the Democratic Party.

I don't think it is laziness that perpetuates the story lines. They work very hard at making sure they stay on the same page. While the JouroList forum may have closed down, you can be sure they have re-emerged elsewhere to plan how to position the stories in politically advantageous ways.