Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rep. Keith Ellison: Full of Crocodile Tears...

Boo frickin' hoo (video at the link):

Rep. Keith Ellison, one of two Muslim members of Congress, broke down in tears while delivering his testimony in defense of the Muslim community during a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing Thursday.

The Minnesota Democrat ended his testimony with the story of 23-year-old Mohammad Salman Hamdani, a Pakistani-born American who was killed in New York on Sept. 11, 2001 while trying to save victims from the World Trade Center buildings. Before his remains were found near the north tower, rumor spread that he had been involved in the killings.

His life should not be identified as just a member of an ethnic group or just a member of a religion, but an American who gave everything for his fellow Americans,” he said.

More over at
The Corner:

Photographers are jumping over themselves to get a shot of Ellison as he struggles to testify. Muslims, he says, his voice cracking, “are our neighbors, they are us.”...

Ellison had trouble wrapping up his talk, almost at a loss for words, then promptly left the hearing room.

That's your lead, folks! "Muslim lawmaker weeps at Congressional hearings, says 'we are all neighbors'..."

Funny thing is, Keith Ellison didn't always believe in "us" and the "we"...back in the days when he was actively campaigning on the side of hate - in this case, defending Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan -
he said the following:

Racism means conspiracy to subjugate and actual subjugation. That means planned social, economic, military, religious and political subjugation of whites. It cannot be intelligently argued that the Nation of Islam is doing this. In fact, blacks have no history of harming or subjecting whites as a class. On the other hand, whites have it written into their very Constitution that blacks shall be considered three-fifths of a person for purposes of taxation and representation of their white owners. Their Constitution also makes provision for the return of runaway slaves. Their constitution [sic] is the bedrock of American law; it’s the best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other peoples.

Not our Constitution, not "We" the people...just "theirs". Nothing like identifying lives based on an ethnic group, right, Congressman?

What a hypocrite. But it reminds me of the Passover Seder, where the tale is told of four sons - one wise, one wicked, one simple, and one who is too young to comprehend - who ask questions about the Seder, and why Jews celebrate the Passover. It is the question of the wicked son, and the prescribed response, which is

What does the wicked son say? "What does this drudgery mean to you?" To you and not to him. Since he excludes himself from the community, he has denied a basic principle of Judaism. You should blunt his teeth by saying to him: "It is for the sake of this that Hashem did for me when I left Egypt. For me and not for him. If he was there he would not have been redeemed."

Separated from the community. As Ellison did to white America. He deserves no more a response to his crocodile tears than the Torah's "Wicked Son"...

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