Tuesday, March 29, 2011

American People: Global Warming Is Crap !


With Earth Day about a month away, Americans tell Gallup they worry the most about several water-related risks and issues among nine major environmental issues. They worry least about global warming and loss of open spaces....

...Americans are less worried today than they were 10 years ago about all eight issues Gallup measured in 2001.

"Global Warming "suffered the second biggest fall, from 63% to 51%, (-12%) of any category offered by the poll.

Two thoughts:

-51% is still too large of a group of "believers". But shockingly low, considering how the climate change agenda has been pushed so aggressively by the media and, over the last two years, by the Obama administration. Not to mention corporations that so fear being on the wrong side of the thugocracy that they too spend more time talking about "going green" than generating profits.

-in light of the point above, should we even concern ourselves overmuch about both the effect of the media on public opinion, and on the ability of the Obama administration at this point to affect the same? It seems as if every day, despite the increasingly hysterical sales pitch of the "warmists", more and more of the one-time "true believers" are now shaking their heads and walking away...

Looks as if the American people are a lot smarter and savvier than the media, and the Democratic party, would like to admit.

Makes me proud. Bodes well for 2012...

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