Monday, March 14, 2011

The Democrat's "People's Convention": Brought to You By Cap & Trade Lobbyists!

The 2012 Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina - aka "The People's Convention" - will be getting a $10 million line of credit from Duke Energy (home of "purpose-driven capitalism", as in capitalism that serves Duke's purposes!).

Conflict of interest much? Nah, Duke and the Democrats are on the same page, and it is entitled "Crony Capitalism". Via The Weekly Standard:

Duke Energy is one of the biggest cap-and-trade lobbyists out there, and one of the most active members of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership.

About half the electricity the company supplies comes from traditional coal-fired plants, the other half comes from nuclear power. Taxing carbon dioxide will make its nuclear portfolio -- which doesn't emit any greenhouse gases -- much more valuable, and most of the companies coal-powered energy plants are in areas where they have a government enforced monopoly. They can just pass the carbon tax on to consumers who will have no choice but to pay higher rates or go without electricity.

Duke also has a growing windmill and green energy portfolio that are profitable through subsidy suckling. Oh and did I mention that Duke Energy's CEO, Jim Rogers, is a former Enron executive?

Well, this is what you get from the folks who use the term "People's" as a prefix. As soon as you here that, hold on to your wallet and what little freedom you have left. I wrote about this a few weeks back:

...while socialists use the word "People's" to connote a system that is managed by the proletariat, the truth is anything but that - it is run for the benefit of those who control the levers of power of the state, with the grunt work (the slave labor) being done by their subjects (not citizens), who are supposed to fill their bellies with pride that the state is "theirs", as opposed to filling it with food, which has either been sold, stolen, or unable to grow at all under incompetent management.

... What I find laughable is the idea that the American people are so stupid, so ignorant of history, that they would actually buy into the idea of a "people's convention" as something that would actually empower them, when it is really all about empowering the Obamas, and their political party.

But then again, the president and his advisers have made it quite clear how dim they believe the average American is....

And the media will have no desire to illuminate the average American as to who is paying for the 'People's Convention", and how they expect to be paid back: With taxpayer money from the same average American who is being convinced that the party's all about him, and it's all free! free! free!

Hopefully the Republicans will shine a light on the skulduggery of Duke and the Democrats. And they'd better not try to pull the same type of crap come their turn in 2012, either...

Nice, huh? Hope you liked paid for it! And will continue paying, and paying....

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