Thursday, March 10, 2011

NPR Sinks Deeper Into Stupid....

....if such a thing were possible. But alas, it is.

From the leader of the enlightened intellectual elite that is NPR, Dave Edwards (Chairman), we get this little nugget on why taxpayer funding for NPR is so vital to our nation:

"It is absolutely true that without federal funding, a lot of our public radio and public TV stations in the system could go dark, and that will happen in some of the smallest communities we serve," he tells the Associated Press. "In some cases, public broadcasting remains that community's primary connection with the outside world."

Perhaps someone should ask the obviously brilliant Mr. Edwards if he knows what year this is. Or better yet, what century this is. Even in the most rural areas of this vast nation, homes are affixed with satellite dishes, receive high-speed internet, and have access to telephones, not to mention radio stations other than NPR.

And really - if there are a few secluded spots in America which are in fact totally cut off from the rest of the world, do we really need to spend half a billion dollars a year of federal money in order to keep them inundated with liberal propaganda?

Seems like Chairman Edwards has no idea of what life is really like in the portions of America that are not Democratic-held big cities. Of course, that is of no matter to any of the bright lights that run NPR; questions about Middle America are generally never on the test.

But if Edwards, Schiller, and Schiller are emblematic of the mindset of NPR - and they certainly seem to be - it is no surprise to see it crumbling to the ground. Not unlike so many of the edifices that liberals attempt to construct on false premises...

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awright said...

I read the comment about the "outside world" in the paper and busted out laughing. Sadly Mr. Edwards' comment simply reinforced my opinion of NPR management - out of touch, condescending, pompous.