Monday, March 07, 2011

Why Rep. Peter King Is Doing The Right Thing: Muslim "Multicultural" Monday

OK, these videos were taken in Europe, but they too were afraid to disturb the Muslim communities in their midst, despite clearly seeing that the headscarved hornets were building bigger and angrier nests.

And now it is too late...try riding a train in France, and
this is what you get:

With smirks and sneers, what they chanted
translates as follows:

O Allah make their children orphans! O Allah,make their women widows! - Amen. And make their children orphans! O Allah, let Islam everywhere victorious! O Allah, let our helpless brothers in Palestine victorious! Allahu akhbar (Allah is Greater) Allahu akhbar (Allah is Greater) There is no other god but Allah! And the Zionist is the enemy of Allah. There is no other god but Allah! And the martyr is loved by Allah.

We go north to
Sweden, to learn how multiculturalism works out when only one side is multicultural. Well, at least this intrepid female news personality didn't get Lara Logan'd:

There is nothing to say this cannot happen in America, by the way. Rep. Peter King is the only one with the guts to stick his hand into the hornet's nest, and the
usual insects are already out with stingers erect. They assume that the folks screaming for death on the French train would understand that no, they sympathize with them...

It's a simplistic thought, and an erroneous one. It certainly didn't protect the thousands of liberals in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

But for liberals, a perceived insult is the worst of all sins.

Me? I find being unable to ride on a train without folks screaming for my slaughter to be a bit more disconcerting....and knowing my leaders are afraid to ask if my neighbors are jihadis...

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