Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why We Love Pakistan's Veena Malik

Because American men love their women tough. Whether it is our pride in our tough-as-nails American servicewoman toting rifles overseas, our admiration for the stunning Mediterranean beauties of the IDF, or our respect for the gun-totin', shoot-from-the-lip Sarah Palin, we like women who take no guff.

Which brings us to Veena Malik. A stunningly beautiful Pakistani actress and Bollywood star, I posted yesterday how, on Paki National TV, she called out a busybody Islamic cleric, questioned his commitment to Islam, and labeled him, literally, as a child-molesting hypocritical pervert, while daring him to mete out the same punishment to himself that he was calling for on others, including her. And she spared no love for the smarmy MSM-equivalent host, either. Maybe she was channelling Sarah Palin...?

Anyway, the video is here. Shocking in its bravery; finally, a movie star with the courage to take on despots, as opposed the the courage it takes to cozy up to them, Hollywood-style. And to honor her bravery (but hopefully not her memory; police states hate public takedowns), and to honor Rule 5, let's give a little Western exposure to Miss Veena Malik:


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