Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shocker: Virginia Liberals "Re-District" Out Only Jewish Republican

Yeah, what a surprise that the Virginia Congressional Redistricting Commission, headed up by a left-wing think-tank, would "disappear" the lone Jew:

A consultant to the commission, George Mason University professor Michael McDonald, presented draft congressional-redistricting maps last week. Despite thousands of plan options, McDonald’s maps would carve House Majority Leader Eric Cantor out of his congressional seat.

How curious that an “apolitical” redistricting plan would torpedo the first Virginian and Jewish man ever to serve as House majority leader...

Well, part of it is partisan, as forcing the House Majority Leader out of his seat is a big coup for the Democrats, especially when he is not a mere bomb-thrower, but an articulate and intelligent man, the two qualities that Democrats fear most in their opponents.

And the fact that Cantor is a Jew is not coincidental, either. Democrats save their harshest rhetoric for members of ethnic groups they deem to "own" who dare leave the liberal plantation. Note the boiling hatred for Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman (female), Condi Rice (black and female), Allen West (black), and even Joe Lieberman (Jew, who was disowned for thinking different thoughts rather than having fled on his own). Having Eric Cantor speak forcefully for the right can show Jews that they have an electoral alternative to the increasingly anti-Semitic Democratic party, and thus bleed votes from them. The Democrats cannot allow that to happen.

So Eric Cantor must be destroyed, legally through redistricting if possible, and if not, through smear and innuendo (coming up next, no doubt).

Of course, if you tagged a different type of minority status onto Cantor, the result would be an uproar. Can you imagine the first black Democrats from Virginia being redistricted out in a plan presented by a conservative group? The howls would be heard in Antarctica, as every Democratic party official, elected and otherwise, came out of the woodwork to scream "racism"! With sympathetic and encouraging media coverage, of course.

But "kill" a Jew? Silence from the media, who has absorbed the anti-Semitism of the Democratic party. Maybe this would be a good time for some Republicans to point out the fact that enlightened Virginia progressives are trying to eliminate the highest ranking Jew in COngressional history.

It's an unpleasent game. But two can play at it, and it is long past time to shine a light on some of the Left's uglier practices

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