Thursday, March 03, 2011

Barack Obama: "Not a nice man"

Well, it had to said. And at some point, his favorable "personal" ratings will drop as fast and far as his performance review. Byran Preston:

Obama, in his unguarded moments, says some of the most radical and divisive things any president has ever said — this bit about the Tea Partiers, his “bitter clingers” remarks during the campaign. He says and does these things because that’s who he is. Despite what most Americans continue to think about him, he is simply not a nice man and he doesn’t have a positive view of most of his countrymen. He’ll take their votes and then shut them out of the deliberative process, while calling them racists behind their backs.

...How could I forget that “punish our enemies” remark Obama tossed to Hispanics last year? Those aren’t the words of a nice man.

He's not. But neither are most liberals. But - thanks to folks like the Wisconsin union protesters, the Wisconsin Democrats ("You're f**king dead!"), Keith Olbermann, Eric Holder, and the president himself - most Americans are starting to realize that for themselves...

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