Sunday, November 04, 2012

Barack Obama Is...Mayor "Diamond Joe" Quimby?

Two back-to-back posts on the Simpsons?  Or just another chapter in my endless series of how Obama's re-election campaign (and most of his actions) mimic the characters and classic scenes from this once-great television series? (see bottom for various links...)

A little bit of both, I suppose.  Anyway, we have this:’s hard to picture independent voters failing to notice the bitterness. “He seems to smolder with resentment,” wrote George Will, “that he must actually ask for a second term.”

Which reminds me of...this:

“Demand? Who are you to demand anything? I run this town! You’re just a bunch of low income nobodies!” – Mayor Quimby
“Uh, election in November, election in November. – Aide
“What? Again? This stupid country.” – Mayor Quimby

More on Obama 2012 & The Simpsons here, here, herehere, here here here here and here .  And of course, the aforementioned post from earlier today...

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