Friday, November 16, 2012

BBC Airs Worst "Pallywood" Production Yet...

This is just priceless. As BBC commentators drone on in worried tones over this footage of the "fighting" in the Gaza strip, the video they are fretting over dissolves into blooper-reel status,  with laughable (junior?) high-school production values and flaws evident to even the youngest YouTube watcher.

But not to the BBC, apparently.

Check it out - via Tablet BBC falls for terrible acting in Gaza:

2:10: The first focal point is a suspiciously unscathed man in a tan jacket who is lifted by a group of men and carried away.

2:23: Next, a medic is shown carrying another spotlessly clean medic Platoon-style until he seemingly tires out and simply puts the man back on his feet.

2:38:  The next image is of what appears to be a mother shepherding two children down the road, perhaps totally frightened, but unharmed. I genuinely felt upset watching this seemingly terrified trio flee until they ran smack into the first “injured” man in the tan jacket, who is now standing around, one sandwich shy of a lunch break on set.

Just surprised we haven't seen the clip air on NBC yet...

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