Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Coney Island Descends Into Third-World Status

I guess it's OK, if a black president allows black people to die in their own filth.  Or maybe it is permissible for a Democratic president to allow the poor to die while they plead for help...after all, the very fact of his "Democrat-ness" absolves him of all sins, correct?

Either way, the descent in chaos proceed apace in the outlying boroughs of New York City, as the media pays no attention and holds no one to account.

The Huffington Post has a report from one Eric Moed, a member of "Occupy Sandy", a relief effort of sorts made up of various members of the various "Occupy" groups that so enthralled the press last summer. His tale is shocking...even more so, coming from a man who presumably saw the filth and horror of the "Occupy" camps that eventually helped discredit the movement.

This is...Coney Island:

...Moed says all of the supermarkets on Coney Island have been flooded or looted.

The result is what Moed describes as a "humanitarian crisis." Sick or older people may be vulnerable to death without heat, or food and water.

Moed routinely meets elderly residents who have been trapped alone in their dark, cold apartments since the storm hit. The elevators often do not work, and residents willing to brave the stairwells face darkness, human waste, and even crime.

Scavenging through discard food in Coney Island

"Just three hours ago I was speaking with seniors for whom I was the first person they talked to since the storm," Moed says. "I asked someone if I could use their bathroom and they told me they were going in a bucket. It was a 70-80 year-old woman. And not only do they have to shit in a bucket, they have to bring it down the stairs themselves."

Moed also describes meeting children who had gone several days without food, and a mother who ran out of her asthma medication.

...as the government provides....paperwork.  Oh, well, at least it's a type of roughage...

Whatever response there has been from the government -- city, state, or federal -- or the Red Cross, Moed says their presence in and around the Coney Island projects is non-existent, inadequate, or counterproductive. FEMA has set up a solitary aid trailer on what Moed calls the "sexy area" of Coney Island -- near the famous amusement park and Nathan's -- which was not hit very hard. It awaits people seeking help, when those who most need it are stranded in high-rise buildings a few blocks away.

Moed insists that he does not assume anything about the government and Red Cross's lack of a response, but says their absence is indisputable. "They're literally not there. It's not a criticism, it's literally a fact," he said. "I've been on the ground here for four days. I've seen zero FEMA people. Occasionally a Red Cross truck will come through with hot meals. But there'll be one truck for 15-20 buildings."...

I take it from the general lack of outrage that this is the new normal, what one should expect in a natural disaster while Barack Obama is president -  especially if you are poor and black.

There's a lesson here, of course, one that these people will never learn, but hopefully will be minded by those on the cusp of embracing the  New Socialism that is part and parcel of the Obama cargo cult:

If you run your life such that you depend on government to take care of you, you will end up stranded on a roof waiting for a government helicopter that never comes.

Fairly warned, be thee....


Anonymous said...

Let me guess, you twice voted for GW Bush and were delighted in November 2000 and November 2004.

And you worry about a government that prints money?

LibertyAtStake said...

@Anonymous: Let me guess, you are a paid Soros, Inc. Leftist troll.

The JerseyNut said...

I don't worry about anything anymore. I'm simply pointing out the consequences of dependence on government, and of a media that refuses - as our Founders intended - to hold leadership accountable.

The result? Well, see above....