Saturday, November 24, 2012

Susan Estrich Wakes Up, Realizes She's Elected A Monster...

...the former Dukakis campaign manager & Hillary Clinton apologist  has no excuses, although she tries to make them:  I love Obamacare, I love Roe v. Wade, I hate war, etc., etc.  But she conveniently ignored the biggest elephant (bad metaphor?!) in the room, and now that he's beginning to trumpet, all of a sudden Susan is shocked, shocked:

"I did not vote for Obama because I think I am paying too little in taxes.

Like many people I know, I am "rich" by Obama's standards...

I work."

"I am all for closing loopholes. I am all for ending deductions for things I don't even understand. But I am not for putting a low cap on deductions that would make it all but impossible for the charities I support to raise funds. I am not for putting a limit on the mortgage deduction that would mean, as a practical matter, that "middle class" (not rich) people in California would be priced out of the housing market, and the charities I support would not be able to raise what they need to survive.

And frankly, I don't think I'm alone. As a matter of fact, on this one, I don't think 51 percent of all Americans are to my "left" — if that's how you define the higher tax constituency.

Obama needs to be very careful. Yes, he was re-elected. But so were all those folks who blocked the extension of the Bush tax cuts if they excluded individuals and small businesses who make enough money to qualify as rich — but not enough to send their kids to college, or help their aging parents, or buy a home in a decent neighborhood."

I doubt Susan realized all of this yesterday.  She knew it in her heart  all along, but voted for Obama anyway.  Why?  Probably because it was the fashionable thing to do,or more likely it was the only permissible thing to do, within her social/business/religious circles.  Or maybe she wanted to believe that all the class warfare was  just rhetoric to rile up the bitter clingers, so that the "important things" - the aforementioned Obamacare and Roe v. Wade - would be here to stay.

So sorry, Susan.  Turns out that the boob bait was Obamacare, was the "War on Women", and all the other shiny objects - college tuition, gay marriage, Romney's dead dog - that the Obama campaign threw out into the sky. You took the bait, Susan.  And now that you've help give him the flexibility he's craved, it turns out  Barack Obama's #1 priority is the class warfare and radical redistribution he ran on yet but never openly acknowledged during his campaign.

And no, he doesn't need to be "very careful".  Why would he?  You've given him his, ahem, "mandate"...

Some of us saw right through it all along, of course.  But we were tagged as racists for calling a thing what it was.  And I don't recollect you, Ms. Estrich, coming out to defend us against those, and other slurs.  In fact, you've openly encouraged it:

Oh well. You made your bed, Susan, as did the 51% of America who thought exactly like you.  We'll all share it together, unfortunately.  Maybe we'll learn something applicable for next time.

I doubt it, though...

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