Wednesday, November 07, 2012

So what have we learned tonight?

That the polls were right - this really is a D+7 nation now.  All of our enthusiasm cannot match their relentless numbers.  After all, even the brave "300" of Thermopylae were defeated, albeit after a better fight.  I question, however, if our men had the courage of King Leonidas and his Spartans.

We learned that Mitt Romney really was as weak as some feared.  Our candidate wasn't even able to touch Obama's most poisonous policy prescription (Obamacare), because he pushed a similar plan in Massachusetts.  Nor did he even mention the fact that with the impending retirement of two Supreme Court justices, our right to bear arms will essentially be forfeit. When offered the chose between a liberal and a liberal-lite, folks will go for the real thing every time.  Just ask Scott Brown, who dumped the Tea Party like ten pounds of sh*t in a five pound bag.  How'd that work out for you, Mr. ex-Senator? 

We learned that Obama's election in 2008, and his surgical dissection of the electorate into winners (rewarded!) and losers (punished!), has made his supporters willing to to ignore massive incompetence, fraud, and virtual treason, if he promises them enough of someone else's money.

We learned that the media's duplicity has no boundaries   Ignoring Benghazi, and the desperate victims of Sandy, was not the work of a free press that works for the people, but a state-run media that protects the party in power.  Their flip is complete, and irrevocable.

We learned that that fear and loathing , in large enough quantities, can overcome common sense. Which is a very, very dangerous lesson indeed.

And finally -  we learned that you should never, ever send a 5-18 pitcher in to start the 7th game of the World Series...

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