Tuesday, November 06, 2012

How's That Middle Class Doing Under Barack Obama?

If you want to know, just take a trip to...Staten Island.  You know, the borough made up predominantly of working class, taxpaying white folks that was just hit by a Katrina-esque hurricane?

How has Obama - who has long declared himself to be their savior - treated them in their darkest hour?

What we've been reduced to...

And yet the media has been lauding Obama for his handling of Hurricane Sandy, instead of giving him the Bush/Katrina treatment.  But I think I finally get it - here, on election eve.

Both the upper-class white liberal and Barack Obama have the same exact motivation in mind, and they only occasionally let it slip.  But sometimes an outside event strips the veneer off, and all they can do is avert their eyes and make sure nobody else notices:

Elizabeth Price Foley, posting at Instapundit:

From “hope” to “revenge.” From uniting to dividing. Do you really think 4 more years of this will make America stronger, more united?

My guess is that no one says “yes,” yet many will still vote for Obama not with the “hope” of “uniting” America, but with the expectation of extracting “revenge” and “fundamentally transforming” this country in the name something akin to “social justice”– a great Marxist, utopian vision that pits citizen against citizen, breeds hatred and division, and redistributes wealth from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

Obama’s vision is a recipe for the demise of the greatest country the world has ever known....

Some on the Left have called Hurricane Sandy "a gift from God", as it slowed Obama's demise by giving him a few photo-ops acting presidential before scampering back off to the campaign trail.  Me, I see it more as a warning (and not the first):

Four more years, and we are all Staten Island...

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