Thursday, November 22, 2012

Liberal's Plot To Poison Thanksgiving

What happens when you allow liberals to assume control of our nation's education facilities?  This - a nation of young Americans who feel that Thanksgiving is a holiday tied to slavery, genocide, and theft.  Who feel  only shame on this holiday, and hatred for their own nation, and want to make sure every young person in America is taught to feel exactly the same way:

Is the re-election of Barack Obama a result of this self-loathing doctrine, or is their liberal indoctrination a result of having been taught (for most of their lives) by the very likes of Barack Obama?

Either way, the more we look at the wreckage around us, the more we better realize that winning in future elections is going to be about more than just the right candidate and the right message.   We first need a population that hasn't been brainwashed to reject it.  And if we wait until 2016 to start...we'll be wandering in the desert longer than Moses & the Israelites...

Video from Revealing Politics, but first seen (by me) at Gay Patriot...

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