Monday, November 19, 2012

Hamas Confesses To Using Woman, Children, Elderly As Human Shields

It is a barbarism out of the darkest days of human history.  Which may still be in front of us, mind you.  Hear the mouthpiece of Hatred and Death brag about the use of the innocent as human shields:

In my mind, every person who supports Hamas in this battle - or even refuses to support Israel - is taking up arms with Hamas MP Fathi Hammad, and is fighting with him for a future in which these tactics are not only permissible  but praiseworthy.

What we are seeing in the Middle East today is an existential battle between good and evil.  One side openly claims to worship death and rejoices at the despoiling of innocence, all while waging non-stop war against a good neighbor who merely want to live in peace on their tiny strip of land.

 A no-brainer, one would think.  And is amazing how much of the world community (and the media) is lining up behind Hamas.

I had always thought the devil tricks humanity with complex disguises, hiding evil under a veneer of false goodness, bright lights, and dazzling arrays, while offering temptation just on the border between allowable and illicit, all in order to slowly, but certainly, bring us over to his side.

But is seems as if Occam's Razor applies once again.  No sorcery or subterfuge is necessary for the devil to get his due.  All he has to do is declare himself openly, and make his vile intentions clear, and 51% of humanity will flock to his banner.

(Kind of how Barack Obama won the election?)

Alas, it appears as if God, in his cruel kindness, may well let us suffer the fates of our own choices.  It is the only way the children will learn, I suppose.  But it's gonna be a hard, hard lesson...

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