Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Left Has A New Bogeyman, And He's White....

Checking out what's "most popular" at Slate - a liberal publication -  and it seems as if they've set up the Whitey as the fall guy if their guy gets his clocked cleaned come Tuesday.  Race riots, anyone?

"Yes!" the Left shrieks. "Race riots!  That'll show them they should have voted Obama!  Beat them, burn their homes, take their possessions, leave them bloody and naked in the streets!  Fear in place of reason!  Fear and death!"

But what color are most of these angry liberals, anyway?

Yeah.  And they think they'll be safe from the fires they unleashed, simply by waving their Forward! bumper stickers as a protective talisman against the mob?  I can only imagine the sound of their vain protestations, as their property and persons are equally defiled...

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