Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Turnout Report: Old Bridge, New Jersey

Pulled into the local polling station just before 630AM, and it was packed - but not the same way as it was in 2008.  The lot was filled with pickup trucks and vans, with the names of small businesses applied to them. Local plumbers, landscapers, and mechanics all.  Wound up parking on the grass, as no spaces were available...

And the men who drove these trucks and run these businesses were inside waiting on line - grim men with unshaven faces, wearing boots, jeans and flannel jackets to protect themselves against the the winter chill that has descended upon New Jersey early this year, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  

These men were here to vote before they started what was no doubt to be another grueling workday.  And from the looks in their eyes to the vehicles they drive, I just had a certain feeling....these weren't Obama voters.  They were here to fight - for their businesses, for their families, for their simple way of life, and for the country they love dearly.

Although I often refer to Old Bridge as "my little town in Jersey", it does contain some 65,000 people.  People who showed up for an off-year election last November and flipped the mayor's seat and entire town council from Democrat to Republican in one clean sweep.

The air was cold this morning, but for a moment, I thought I felt a warm breeze filter through.  Felt like....change.

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