Sunday, November 04, 2012

Obama's Second Least Valuable Endorsement... from the writers of the Simpsons, who put together this little video slurring Mitt Romney with every half-baked lie cooked up by Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, and the mainstream media.   The pathetic thing is, when you listen to Smithers rattle off all of Romney's "faults", and watch Mr.. Burns bring the election full circle back to Seamus the dog, what you realize is how empty the case is for Obama's re-election.

The only proper political response to this video should be:  "Is this is?  Is this the best that you got?"

Well, in all fairness, this is the best that the Simpsons writers have got.  This is a show that has gone downhill like America under Barack Obama.  There's a great site devoted to the Great Fail that is the last 14 years of the Simpsons - Dead Homer Society - that details the show's descent from a brilliantly written social satire to substandard sitcom.  It's a liberal website, ironically, but even they grew nauseous at some of the show's over-the top ham-fisted politicking.  After a recent episode in which Homer takes on the role of a FOX news host (Glenn Beck was the target), and convinces his dim-witted countrymen to join him on a pointless crusade in which they all wear gravy boats on their heads (Tea Party, anyone?), even Dead Homer Society had seen enough:

The subject matter was stale and the satire was stuff that has been done better elsewhere, but the place you can see it most is in the little tricks they use to make this expired milk seem fresh. They ran current jokes in a news ticker, they had static images of the Republican presidential field on a table, with Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain’s photos crossed out with easy-to-add-late graphics. They know that these episodes don’t work well, but they went ahead and did it anyway because if you can take some potshots at Glenn Beck a year after he was dumped off television and add in some political jokes no one will care about two months from now, then you have to do it.

Watching this, I really can’t help but think the staff would rather be writing for Saturday Night Live or The Daily Show.

This is a (video) endorsement that Barack Obama should reject, as it represents a triumph of fear over hope.  And didn't the president once campaign against that?

Well, if he didn't reject the endorsement of Michael "Nagin" Bloomberg (the #1 least valuable endorsement), I suppose he'll take anyone's at this point...

Then again, Bloomberg does have billions, much of it being currently used to support Democrats and liberal issues.  Maybe our dim-witted president thinks the Simpsons writers can make Mr. Burns do the same?

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