Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Simpsons, The Sopranos...

...once two of my favorite shows, now virtually unwatchable due to the liberal bullspit they both try to jam down my throat...I don't know which was worse tonight:

The Sopranos - a season-long homosexual love affair is "ended" against the wishes of sensitive Mafia kingpin Tony Soprano, while his wife enjoys an episode-long postcard of beautiful Paris and its lovely, sophisticated French residents. Not complete without the requisite portrayal of all Catholics as mean-spirited hypocrites, of course, as they shun poor dead gay Vito's widow and children...


The Simpsons, which gave us this throwaway line tonight, from the Vin Scully-esque play-by-play man at the Springfield Isotopes game: "That ball is going, going, and it is - much like America's credibility on the world stage - gone!"

Can't I even enjoy a few minutes of freakin' TV without the liberal losers on the West Coast pushing their twisted values and ideology down my throat?

From now until October, it's strictly baseball (and maybe the Twilight Zone Marathon, and OK, just a little SpongeBob...)!


Anonymous said...

can you say
Maybe you should get into script writing and set them all straight
with your bitterness. That'll show em!

The JerseyNut said...

Oooh, you can spell!
Seems I have a right to be irked when two once well-written shows (the Simpsons most of all, which was once one of the funniest, most subervsive shows ever)become nothing more than vehicles for lazy writers to impose their "alternative lifestyle choices" and "progressive values" upon the viewer.
I'll shed a "bitter" tear as I bid them farewell...