Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nancy Pelosi Blasts Her Own Bill !

Nancy Pelosi, who has been fighting for the jihadis and the San Francisco radical left for some time now, has used some duplicitous congessional engineering to create a bill, in order to denounce the bill. Sound confusing? All Things Beautiful can help clear it up:

Another little noted fact is that House Democrats are responsible for keeping “felony illegal” provisions in the House Immigration Bill, HR 4437. In a slick maneuver December 16, House Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, was one of 191 Democrats who joined only 65 Republicans providing the majority voting to block an amendment to the HR 4437 immigration bill which would have removed provisions making a federal felony of illegal entry or presence in the U.S. HR 4437 sponsor James Sensenbrenner, R-WI, himself had offered an amendment removing it...

Speaking on the House floor immediately after her December 16 felony vote, Pelosi turned around and called the bill, “punitive, mean-spirited legislation.” Without a hint of shame, she complained about the provision she had just voted to keep in: “For the first time in our history, this bill before us would make it a federal crime, instead of a civil offense, to be in the United States in violation of an immigration law or regulation...

HR 4437 felony provisions are a key focus of recent demonstrations by illegal aliens and their supporters in many U.S. cities. Ironically many of the demonstration leaders are also liberal Democrats...

We have seen this sick ploy before; New York Representative Charles Rangel (D, of course) sponsored a bill to reinstate the draft during the 2004 election season, then went on TV and proclaimed that if re-elected, George Bush and the Republicans were going to reinstate the draft - see, he said, there is already a bill pending in Congress!

Naturally, the donkeys have no shame when it comes to attempts to gain political power by dividing the electorate by class and race. Why are the Republicans afraid to point out this particularly vulgar, almost racist, charade to the American people? They themselves are not blameless - allowing a lie to go unchallanged is aiding and abetting the spreading of untruths. That is not, and should never be, the conservative way.

I guess that is the blogger's job, but about a little help, fellas?

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