Friday, May 26, 2006

Liberal Bizarro World

When they start telling you that North is South, Up is Down, and Evil is Good, you know you have walked through the portal and entered the liberal Bizarro world, where lies are told with an earnest expression and a straight face, and if you don't nod your head in agreement, than you are not one of us! Don't you want to ???

First example comes from David Medienkritik:

It's hard to stay relevant these days. Even as a Nobel Prize winner. Just ask Jimmy Carter. Fortunately, Guenter Grass, who won the prize for literature in 1999, has a knack for staying in the news, even at the ripe old age of 78.

Grass blasted the Iraq war and emphasized that it was the duty of authors to give names to the faces of those killed in the conflict. Interestingly enough, the author never felt the need to give a face or name to those tortured, imprisoned and put to death by Saddam Hussein's murder regime, at least not in a way that received the same notice in the German media. He felt no need to blast North Korean mass murder and imprisonment or Iran's threat's to "wipe Israel off the map." He felt no need to highlight the thousands murdered by the fanatical car bombers and assassins of Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah. He felt no need to speak out on genocide in Congo or Sudan.

No. The United States is the real enemy. Stand up and cheer. Bravo!

Like Pinter, Grass characterized the United States as a scheming power that has made others believe it is really fighting for good by putting on a "brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis."

See that? If you think the United States works on the side of good, you must have been hypnotized!, Mr. Grass. If you think that to percieve America as good one must be brainwashed, then you, good sir, are certifiable insane. Buh-bye.

Another example, in an essay by Peter Wehner in the Wall Street Journal entitled Revisionist History :

Iraqis can participate in three historic elections, pass the most liberal constitution in the Arab world, and form a unity government despite terrorist attacks and provocations. Yet for some critics of the president, these are minor matters. Like swallows to Capistrano, they keep returning to the same allegations....

And what a strange world it is: For many antiwar critics, the president is faulted for the war, and he, not the former dictator of Iraq, inspires rage. The liberator rather than the oppressor provokes hatred. It is as if we have stepped through the political looking glass, into a world turned upside down and inside out.

With a media completely in the pocket of the Democratic party, the twisted realities put forth by America's critics are dutifully reported (as well as the applause they received) as fact, thus inverting reality even further. When the truth becomes irrelevant, and the only statements that matter are those that harm America or the president (substitute "America" with "Israel" and you have the Palestinian's propoganda machine in a nutshell - nice steal, liberals!), the whole foundation of the Republic is put at risk.

Who will be brave enough to stand up and shout that the world's liberal apologists "have no clothes"? Who will retort and reveal the baseless lies behind their vile accusations and recriminations? Who will point out the facts, and remind the people of Aristotle's basic tenet, "A is A"?

Based on the current crop of politicians we have representing us, we are a long way from that day...George Bush is running scared from the editorial pages, Dennis Hastert has grown mad with power, and the Democratic party is stuffing their refrigerators with wads of ill-gotten greenbacks.

Who will shine the light through this muck?

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