Sunday, May 21, 2006

Corrections, addendums, and Carnivals!

The story of the Iranian attempts to "badge" Jews and other non-Muslims seems to be unraveling a bit...via Little Green Footballs:

Iranian blogger Arash at Kamangir looked into yesterday’s National Post story that Iran planned to force Jews to wear yellow badges: Kamangir: Badges for Jews, A Hoax! (Hat tip: Adloyada.)
The National Post has also backed down from the story:
Experts say report of badges for Jews in Iran is untrue.
...Here’s Allahpundit’s post on the story, with numerous updates: Is the Iranian yellow-badges story true?

I'll refer back to Friday's post as the one which contains much of the now in-dispute story, but I'll stand by Atlas' historical documentation of the badging of Jews by Muslims throughout history.
Yesterday's post has a roundup of thoughts on Islamic dress from Amir Tahari; I cannot say for sure that any of the remarks made by the Iranian minister quoted in this story have been refuted. And of course, the second part of that post regarding the proposed EU appeasement offer to Iran is one I still stand behind, although Condi Rice today has said that the United States has not been asked to provide any "security guarantees" to Iran:

European powers have not asked the United States to provide security guarantees to
Iran as part of a package the West is preparing to offer the Islamic republic to curb its nuclear programs, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Sunday.

But never fear! The EU will come up with some way to guarantee a Fourth Reich:

Even though the United States does not want to offer its own guarantee, Europe may still find a formula that allows for some security pledge to Iran, political analysts have said.

Whew! Now I'm relieved...

I'll update the Iran "badging" story as more information makes its way out, but again, the fact that this story is so plausable speaks volumes about the nature of the Iranian state...

But most importantly - the Carnival of the New Jersey Bloggers #53 is up! Check it out at The Center of New Jersey Life...See if I am not the only "nut" produced by the Garden State!


Cliff said...

"I cannot say for sure that any of the remarks made by the Iranian minister quoted in this story have been refuted."

Actually, his very existence has been refuted- Mostafa Pourhardani the minister named in the original Taheri column doesn't seem to exist any more than the plan to badge minoriies ever did.

The JerseyNut said...

Sorry - my "correction" may have come too fast - see Roger Simon here-

Amir Tahari, who is more spot-on than 99% of the talking heads on any news network, stands by his story.
And to quote Mr. Simon - "I guess the folks at TPM want to make this a liberal/conservative thing. I suppose I'm naive. I thought it was about human rights - or maybe basic morality."

For the left, all sense of right and wrong, truth and lies, has vanished. The only truth is,"what is bad for Bush?", and if lying, or attempting to discredit accounts of planned atrocities which would bring the world veering back to the horrors of the 30's, is what it takes to achieve that end, then the left says, "So be it!"

I hope this story is false, but not for the same reasons many others seem to...