Saturday, May 27, 2006

Who's the Taxman, Baby?

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine is ! Check out the animated video at Stop the Tax Man, and sign the petition if you dare ("...think a 7% increase is to high? I'm going to tax you until you die!"). There is lots of good info on the sight, including an insight into the lies Corzine told on the campaign trail:

Voters were likely heartened when, during his campaign in 2005, Corzine stressed, "I'm not considering raising taxes. It's not on my agenda. We have a very high-rate tax structure. I'm not considering it." Voters elected him with a 239,280-vote margin over his Republican opponent Doug Forrester, and five months later (in March) Corzine added during his budget address that "tax increases are a last resort." Thus, Garden State voters might have been a bit startled when Corzine proposed a massive $1.8 billion tax increase (including $1.5 billion in direct taxes and over $300 million in other revenue enhancements). New Jersey previously had the ignominious reputation of a tax-hiking state, but the new budget makes even the most die-hard revenue raisers blush.

Corzine must have learned his stupid Democratic tricks from predecessor Jim McGreevy - the disgraced former governor tries to lie to the public in a letter printed in today's New York Post, but the paper's editorial board calls them on it posthaste!

First from the letter from McGreevy's lapdog, Jonathan Capehart, who is a spokesperson for Jim McGreevey:

Golan Cipel was not the governor's "state homeland security chief." ...His title was "Counselor to the Governor," where he consulted on foreign trade, security, commerce and other issues.

The Post smacks this BS down ASAP:

Today's letters column contains a message from former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey's high-priced p.r. spokesman that sets a new standard for disingenuous political spin...

At the time of his appointment at the start of McGreevey's term, Cipel's title was publicly identified as "special counsel to the governor on homeland security." Indeed, the governor himself bragged in an interview with The (Hackensack) Record that Cipel was "my eyes and ears on security issues."
Cipel, added McGreevey, is "a super-bright and super-competent individual who brings a great wealth of knowledge on security." His service in Israel's Navy, McGreevey said, left Cipel "uniquely qualified to point out weaknesses" in the state's defenses.

So much for "foreign trade, commerce and other issues" - none of which McGreevey mentioned back in 2002.
The point of this letter is not only to help hype McGreevey's book sales, but to further evade responsibility for the real reason the governor was obliged to resign: not because he is a "gay American," but because he abused the public trust.

McGreedy did too much damage to the state of New Jersey in his short tenure - bloating the budget, putting our state security in the hands of his gay lover, and further tarnishing the name of New Jersey with the perverted antics which led to his resignation. Click the link on top of the post, and let's get the tax-raising, girlfriend-bribing, string-pulling Corzine out of office before he drags us even deeper into the swamp...

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