Saturday, May 06, 2006


Charles Krauthammer, in today's Washington Post:

The establishment of Israel was a Jewish declaration to a world that had allowed the Holocaust to happen -- after Hitler had made his intentions perfectly clear -- that the Jews would henceforth resort to self-protection and self-reliance. And so they have, building a Jewish army, the first in 2,000 years, that prevailed in three great wars of survival (1948-49, 1967 and 1973).

But in a cruel historical irony, doing so required concentration -- putting all the eggs back in one basket, a tiny territory hard by the Mediterranean, eight miles wide at its waist. A tempting target for those who would finish Hitler's work.

His successors now reside in Tehran...

Glenn Reynolds says it succinctly:

Given the Iranians' words and actions, I think that Israel is legally and morally justified in launching whatever sort of preemptive strike it chooses.

And do you know what I think? The only type of person whom would urge Israel to sit on its hands while the U.N. passes strongly wordly resolutions, whom would declare that Israel would be an "aggressor" nation should it move upon its enemies, whom would insist on "multilateral" action, is an anti-semite, whether they choose to accept it or not.
A Second Holocaust, wiping out the Holy Land and the Jews within it, would be a such a steep red stain upon the civilized world that we may simply never recover.

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