Saturday, May 27, 2006

Distortions are "Warming" up...

This piece in today's Washington Post op-ed page, written by an author of many tomes on the looming danger of global warming, has so many distortions in it neither time nor space permits me to dissect it all. So I'll just grab onto one:

Do they understand that technological change alone cannot achieve the 70 percent reductions in fossil fuel use needed to stabilize climate? We'll also need real shifts in attitude, behavior and habit. These changes are possible (the average Western European uses half as much energy as the average American while leading a quality life)...

Whoops, you've given away the liberal's secret agenda in pushing the global warming theorem - turning America into a copy of Europe!

Let's see - anyone who wants to turn this county into a replicate of a continent where everyone lives in tiny apartments (sorry, "flats"), pays taxes of over 50% on $40,000 worth of income, suffers with unemployment around 10%, pays $4-/litre for petrol, and has to fume in silence as Islamists riot and attempt to impose their ideology on a population governed by spineless PC bureaucrats, raise your hand!

OK, anyone who's not a raging lefty, raise your hand!

Beuller? Beuller?

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Anonymous said...

We will never become Europe, just because we reduce carbon in the atmosphere. What a gigantic over statement.