Tuesday, May 02, 2006

We Are All...Mexicans?

The media paints a one-sided picture, of poor hardworking immigrants just looking for a taste of freedom. We'll flip the picture; check out the other side..from Michelle Malkin:

...Gloria Ramirez Vargas is a local politician from Baja, California who spoke to the crowd today...

Ms. GLORIA RAMIREZ VARGAS (Politician, Baja, Calif.): (Through Translator) - Many Mexicans are nourishing the ground in the U.S., but those lands were once ours. Those same lands, which now with intelligence, with love and with a lot of work, we are re-conquering again for our Mexico.

According to
Freeman Hunt, this classy lassy has her mouth is open because she is yelling, "Go home gringo pig!"

California Conservative turns us on to this well-deserved beatdown delivered to treasonous Democratic whore Nancy Pelosi by House majority leader John Boehner (R-Ohio):

“The brazen support of California Democrats for this walkout amounts to a reckless endorsement of policies that make our nation and our borders less secure. Nancy Pelosi and her Capitol Hill Democrats should explain to the American public whether they support California’s Democrat leaders who defied their oath to uphold the laws of the land. If Nancy Pelosi cannot bring herself to denounce this stunt, it will serve as yet another signal of Democrats’ support for open borders, weak enforcement, and more illegal immigration.”

Yeah, baby! Save that sound bite for the mid-term elections!

Roger Simon has pics - I don't know about you, but I am more than willing to offer amnesty to those whom dress as terrorists and threaten me-

And finally,
Mallard Fillmore, that wacky duck, says it all:

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