Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No Mercy for Amnesty!

Econopundit says that the 2006 Amnesty International report "reads like an Onion satire"; sadly, he is on the mark - that's how far this organization has fallen. My favorite quote from whatever planet Amnesty lives on:

The increasing brutality of terrorist and militant attacks is a “bitter reminder that the ’war on terror’ is failing and will continue to fail until human rights and human security are given precedence over narrow national security interests,’’ Kahn said.

Ah! So there would be no terrorism if the United States simply forfeited its own life for..."human rights"???
And the brutality of the terrorists is a reminder that we have failed? Hmm, was the brutality of the Nazis a reminder that the Allies had failed? Just asking...

Well, at least the United States is giving the idiots whom released the above statement the what-for, and points out their glaring, hateful hypocrisy...from LGF:

{McCormack} went on to point out Amnesty’s role in documenting rights abuses during the 24 years of Saddam’s rule before he was deposed by the Americans in 2003 and later captured and charged with crimes against humanity.
But when it came time to put Saddam Hussein on trial, which is happening right now, they (Amnesty) are absent. They’ve done zero, zip, nothing, to assist in those efforts,” McCormack said.
“So in terms of where they might focus some of their efforts, I would just offer the humble suggestion that they might follow through in actually assisting with or providing some support to this trial for what they acknowledge is one of the great human rights abusers of recent times.”

No, Amnesty can't support the United States (or Israel, for that matter, no matter how many Jews are blown up while Palestinians dance in the streets) against Saddam Hussien - they are so convinced that the US is a perpetrator state, that they have lost all sense of moral balance, and even in a clear-cut case of good vs. evil, cannot get their moral compasses to point towards true North.

Amnesty will live on, but the moral perversions it has tied itself up with has rendered it a useless organization, one that will live on for many years, spouting inanities for a hostile anti-American pres, but having completely failed in its mission to relieve the suffering of the innocent.

For shame, Amnesty.

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