Thursday, May 18, 2006

Less Money in Bush-Bashing?

Funk-rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers topped the U.S. charts for the first time in its 22-year history on Wednesday, while Neil Young's tirade against President Bush failed to do much for his sales.

The veteran Canadian {Young} rocker's "Living With War" opened at No. 15 with sales of 60,000 units in the week ended May 14, according to data from Nielsen SoundScan. His last album, "Prairie Wind," started at No. 11 last September with 72,000 copies sold its first week.

"Living With War," featuring the single "Let's Impeach the President," did do better than Young's 2003 concept album "Greendale," which opened at No. 22 with 42,000 copies.

And this is with the to-be-expected raves from those whom fancy themselves as pop-music critics writing for various mainstream media outlets...Are you listening, Hollywood? Or do you want to try Syrianna a few more times?

Gateway Pundit tells of some graduation speakers who are getting a
similar response to what Neil Young is seeing. Jeez, makes you think that these polls might be rigged or something...

UPDATE: Time magazine darlings The Dixie Chicks fail to get the memo...


Anonymous said...

How are the Dixie Chicks doing these days?

Chicago said...

Considering that techi-types are ripping and converting the free stream LWW for free burns and that there has been many stores don't even have in stock, no print or radio advertising (I, for one, haven't heard it on radio either), I'd say #15 on Billboard is damn good.

Rock on Neil!

Amazon Top Sellers as of 5/18:
#1 Dixie Chicks
#4 Springsteen singing Seeger era protest
#5 Neil Young
#6 Paul Simon--has an anti-war song
#7 Pearl Jam--ditto 'Worldwide Suicide' was #1 single

Live in denial if you desire...

Anonymous said...

neil didn't do it for sales, he's a true artist. it's been streaming for free on his site for weeks, and his site had over ONE MILLION hits the first week it was streaming.

Anonymous said...

>>Jeez, makes you think that these polls might be rigged or something...

Kind of like the 2000 election, ya think?