Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blame the Jews, Part 63:

The tenor and wording of this article is not to be believed:

Israeli fuel firm halts Palestinian gas supply

-sounds political, right? Let's see -

Palestinian gas stations began shutting down and motorists lined up at pumps after an Israeli fuel company cut off deliveries Wednesday, deepening the humanitarian crisis in the West Bank and Gaza Strip that has followed Hamas’ rise to power.
An end to fuel supplies could cripple hospitals, halt food deliveries and keep people home from work — a devastating scenario for an economy already ravaged by Israeli and international sanctions.

-Note how Israel is seperated out for emphasis, despite the fact that most of the Western world is shunning Hamas-

Asaf Shariv, a spokesman for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, said Israel would “absolutely not” bail out the Palestinians. Shariv said that since the Palestinian government resells gasoline to consumers, there is no reason for it not to have money to pay its debts.
But Palestinian officials said their cash-strapped government is one of the biggest users of gasoline and unable to pay the bill.
Mujahid Salame, head of the Palestinian petrol authority, predicted fuel supplies would run out in many areas by Thursday. “If this happens, there will be a humanitarian crisis,” he said.

This is simple business, for God's sake!! The Palestinians are buying fuel from a private Israeli company, reselling it, and not paying the supplier! Furthermore, if the primary purchaser is Hamas, than an Israeli company is already selling fuel to a group that has vowed to destroy them! But that is still not good enough for MSNBC, the Jews must continue to sell fuel to the Palestinian government at a loss, so that they may eventually be destroyed by them.

Otherwise, there might be a "humanitarian crisis"!

One may think that the very existence of Hamas is a humanitarian crisis in and of itself; but it is just so much more politcally correct to blame those godawful Jews...

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Oscar Yeager said...

The reason most of the western world is "shunning hamas" is because they are an organization whom historically has stood up to Jewish supremacism, and since the western governments are controlled by Jews, they don't like that.

In other words, democracy is great, as long as you elect the people we want you to elect, that being puppets for the Jews to control.