Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Sets Them Straight!

To every lefty actor and small-time plitician who call themselves "brave" for daring to speak out against President Bush, I would like to introduce you to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. A Dutch politican, feminist, author, and outspoken critic of radical Islam, she lives every minute of her life under the threat of imminent death for daring to express her honest opinion of the world around her. Just like living under the tyrannical rule of the Republican Party, right?

Ali was at the New York Public Library recently, and via
Little Green Footballs; I give you her money quote:

"My criticism of the West, especially of liberals, is that they do take freedom for granted,” Ms. Ali responded. She noted that Western Europeans born after World War II are unused to conflict. “They have lost the instinct to recognize that there can be such a thing as an enemy or a threat to freedom, and that’s what I’m witnessing in Europe now,” she stated. “ [There is] a pacifist ideology that violence should never be used in any circumstances, and so we should talk and talk and talk. Even when your opponent tells you, ‘I don’t want to talk to you, I want to destroy you,’ the reaction is, ‘Please, let’s talk about the fact that you want to destroy me!’

Brilliantly, she sums up the mindset of liberals worldwide. Sadly, these liberals dominate most of the world's diplomatic corps and government positions. Tragically, it appears as if Ms. Ali's implicit warning will go unheeded.

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