Sunday, May 14, 2006

Larry Darby comes to Jersey!

...and speaks to a small group of hatemongers, while the good folk of New Jersey heckle:

About 20 activists held a peaceful protest Saturday outside a meeting hall that featured a controversial Democratic candidate for Alabama attorney general who has denied that the Holocaust occurred.

Larry Darby was the guest speaker at the National Vanguard New Jersey's monthly meeting... The National Vanguard, which describes itself as a white nationalist group, is a splinter group of the white supremacist organization, National Alliance.

Darby is general counsel for the Atheist Law Center in Montgomery, Ala. He has denied the Holocaust took place, telling The Associated Press that "there was no systematic extermination of Jews" and claiming most Jews during World War II died of typhus.

More than 20 people attended Saturday's closed-door meeting with Darby, which began shortly after 6 p.m. Many National Vanguard members, who blocked their license plates with plywood to conceal their identity, hurried inside and refused to speak to a reporter.

I would replace the word "hurried" with "scurried", 'cause that's what rodentia do...

Outside, protesters held placards and heckled people headed into the building. Some of those attending the meeting stopped and exchanged words with protesters, but discussions never became heated. A half dozen police officers stood outside of the hall to keep protesters at bay.

The demonstrators said they wanted to call attention to a hateful organization they say is tarnishing the image of Elmwood Park.
"The fact that so many prominent people are coming to their meetings indicates that we should do something about them," said protester Daryle Lamont Jenkins. "They are giving this city a black eye. The bottom line is – this is going to stop."

Meeting attendees included Kevin Alfred Strom, the founder of the National Vanguard, and teenage twins who are members of Prussian Blue, a band whose songs express "white pride," according to their Web site.

Lamont-Jenkins is pretty well known radical lefty around these parts, but a quick internet search will show you that he has been a thorn in the side of the National Alliance and other supremicist groups for years.

Read about Prussian Blue here, in an ABC News article entitled "Young Singers Spread Racist Hate". They take their name, incidentally, from the type of pigment/dye used in German Army uniforms. They're the Olsen twins of hate, but that's another story...again, look at whom our Alabama Democrat attracts...

More on Darby at A Bama Blog; wish I could find more in the New Jersey papers, but they have tax increases to drool over...


Oscar Yeager said...

Larry Darby is a Holocaust "questioner."

"Denier" is the wrong word, deny is what you do if you are accused of something, and are claiming innocence.

Larry did not commit any "Holocaust," he just disputes the Jewish version of history.

Heck, even the Jew Norman Finkelstein, while not specifically disputing the claim that Jews were intentionally gassed, admits that the Jews use the so called "Holocaust" as a tool for monetary gain and to evoke sympathy.

There is really no evidence of a Holocaust beyond tortured "confessions" in a kangaroo court. ( The Nuremburg trials )

Sure Jews were rounded up and put into labor camps, and some died from food shortages due to allied bombing and typhus, but the idea of "gassings" is rediculous, it simply did not occur.

Anybody who even does an elementary level of research on this subject will learn the Holocaust is a Holohoax.

Jkw said...

From the American Heritage Dictionaries via

de•ni•er (dĭ-nī'ər) n.

One that denies: a denier of harsh realities.

The Holocaust was a Harsh Reality,
That Larry Darby denies.
Hence he’s a Holocaust Denier.

Anonymous said...

And the holocaust happened just because you say so?