Monday, May 01, 2006

A new month, a new massacre by the faithful of the religion of peace:

Suspected Islamic militants shot dead at least 35 Hindus in Indian-administered Kashmir...

In one of the bloodiest massacres in recent months, militants struck two remote Hindu-dominated mountainous villages in Doda district, some 170 km (100 miles) northeast of Jammu, Kashmir's winter capital, early on Monday, and gunned down 22 Hindus.
On the same day, bullet-ridden bodies of nine Hindus were recovered from neighboring Udhampur district. Police said the dead were Hindu cattle herdsmen reportedly kidnapped by suspected militants late on Sunday.

Witnesses of the Doda attack told a chilling story of a midnight knock followed by bursts of gunshots...
One wounded man told Sahara News television channel over the telephone that militants "took one man from each house."
"The others they told to go inside. They said they would set us free later. After going some distance, they started beating us up and then opened fire," the witness said.

Late night knocks and summary executions of family men - the Islamists study the SS handbook pretty well, don't they?
Incidentally, I had heard it said that worldwide Muslim unrest was due to those pesky Jews refusing to roll over and die in Israel. Then again, I had heard it told that it was the American presence in their holy lands that caused so much ire among Muslims...but what does that have to do with Kashmir? A battle of territory, yes, but to wage it by attempting to ethnically cleanse the current inhabitants? Where have I seen this before?

Note the only common denominator, wherever these heinous types of acts take place, is the religious affiliation of the perpetrators. And has one prominent Muslim has stepped forward anywhere to condemn these attacks? Silence is assent, my friends...

It pains me to say so, but right now all I see is a religion of Hate, one that celebrates only destruction and death, and appears bent on world domination. There can be no peace, no compromise, with the Islamists; just as the simpletons who signed various pacts and treaties with Hitler learned. We have the benefit of a historical parallel to draw on; will we use it?

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The probligo said...

I have an idea for you.

This is a private inquiry into a riot in Malegaon.

It makes for interesting reading.

I commend the section on "The use of women..." to you.

Keep up the good work - you make a fantastic (in the true sense of the word) mouthpiece for the Bush propaganda machine.