Saturday, November 03, 2012

Welcome Back, Carter! Gas Rationing Returns To New Jersey

Ah, who can forget the halcyon years of the Carter Administration: An economy crippled by unemployment and inflation, a nation humiliated overseas by Russia and Iran, and a people sunk into malaise by long gas lines and bleak prospects...

What was old is now new again.  Thank you, Barack Hussein Obama:

Starting at noon Saturday, New Jersey will move to an odd-even gas rationing system in 12 counties as part of a “limited state of energy emergency.”

Christie ordered odd-even fuel sales to help ease shortages and long gas lines that have occurred since Sandy decimated the coast earlier this week.

Residents with license plates ending in an odd number can make gas purchases on odd-numbered days of the month Residents with plates ending in an even number will be able to buy gas on even-numbered days, the governor said.

Specialized plates or those not displaying a number will be considered odd numbered plates, a release from the governor’s office stated....

(The complete executive order is here, if you like to see the word "whereas" used in some 13 consecutive sentences)

Not optics that will help the president, either in New Jersey or nationwide, on Tuesday:

And in a similar vein, I a post-apocalyptic society red, or blue?

Yeah, Barack Obama (nervously) wants to know...

And equally related:  Obama hits Vegas with Eva Longoria while Sandy victims Dumpster-dive in NYC...

What an incredible man.  He feels our pain...and Eva Longoria's breast against his ribs...!

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