Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Watch Hamas Terror Boss Ahmed al-Jabari Die

Live by the sword, die by it....

And while I note most of the headlines are screaming "Israel attacks Gaza!!", I missed the headlines over the past few days (and weeks) pointing out the relentless rain of rockets upon Israeli citizens as well as the attacks upon IDF vehicles and personnel:

Of the 768 rockets striking Israel since the beginning of the year, 120 came this week alone, one of them destroying a house in the town of Sderot. Forty-four Israeli civilians have been killed by such attacks in the last decade. During the recent rocket offensive, schools and other facilities were closed and around one million residents of southern Israel were instructed to stay home or go to air-raid shelters.

Watch the animals pound their chests as they hit an Israeli Jeep:

But as soon as the Jews dare to fight back, well...these tough guys turn into some of the whiniest bitches you'll ever see ...

Don't f*ck with the IDF:

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