Friday, November 23, 2012

Conservative Commentariat Remains Clueless

Jonah Goldberg today, in the New York Post:

Right now, many in Washington insist that Republican attacks on UN Ambassador Susan Rice are racist and, yawn, sexist. The basis for this claim is that some Republicans are calling Rice unfit for the job of secretary of state.

More specifically, they’re cross with Rice for what they contend to be her dishonest and incompetent handling of the Benghazi scandal.

And, because Rice is a black woman, well, blah, blah, blah. Racism! Sexism!

Goldberg's recommendation:  Go directly to the black community with alternatives.

My response here - takes one second:

You can go to the black (or Hispanic) community with the most brilliantly devised, flawless plans to lift them out of  poverty and remake their lives in a positive direction, and it still won't matter.

Because by the time you show up, all the poison vomited forth from the likes of Martha Fudge and the media  has already embedded itself in the minds of the minority community, and they are screwed tight against you.  For every well thought-out argument presented, the counter-argument is already in place:  You are a racist, and while it seems as if your plan makes sense, I have already been told you don't have my best interests at heart   Why, both the TV and Democratic congressmen and women have said you are racist and sexist, and you haven't even denied it!

Same link as above:

We sit here and laugh at the stupidity of DeWayne Wickham's USA Today piece or Marcia Fudge's obvious attempts to play the race/gender card to head off a relevant investigation, but it doesn't matter. We are in a fucking echo chamber, where we nod at the obvious wisdom of our own words but fail to make sure it penetrates the public consciousness.

We under-estimate the strength of this particular liberal poison, even after it essentially defeated us in the 2012 presidential election.

And unless our most high-profile people - the Rubios, the Christies, the Ryans, the Kelly Ayottes and the Nikki Haleys - get out there and call bullshit on the hatred directed at us, we will arrive in the minority communities to find closed minds and hard hearts.

Which is exactly what the Left wants.  They wouldn't keep up this line of attack if it wasn't so effective in protecting their legislative majorities.  Maybe it is time the Right realized that, and fought it head-on, instead of simply shrugging it off, Goldberg-style...

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