Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A Preview Of The 2012 Romney / Obama Debates.... presage by the Simpsons, way back in 1995, in "The PTA Disbands".  Miss Krabapple, as head of the teacher's union,  wants a raise for herself and her members - it's all for the sake of the children, of course - while Skinner delivers the hard truth: The district is out of cash.

Hard to hear in this unauthoirzed video, but the crowd reactions to each side's arguments are priceless as well:

Miss Krabapple: "It's your children's future!"
(crowd murmurs appreciatively)

Principal Skinner:  It'll cost you! 
(crowd turns angry)

Miss Krabapple: "C'monnnnn!"
(voice in crowd: "Good point, she makes a good point...")

Skinner: -says nothing, just rubs his fingers together knowingly
(Voice in crowd: "Taxes!  The finger thing means the taxes!")

As you can imagine, this does not end well....

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Marble said...

Love this. Says a lot too when The Simpsons can easily illustrate the debacle.