Monday, August 27, 2012

Democrats War On Women Will Continue...On The Convention Floor?

Oh, you betcha!  Those liberals love women (or so they'll tell you), but really seem to dislike kids.  Hence the non-stop push to put a McBortions on every street corner in America (so as not to get in the way of their loving, of course).
And so, suckered in by the grandiose promises of their lecherous suitors,  it may be no surprise that single woman vote Democratic by a 70-30 margin (needing that good government lovin'), while married women go Republican 56% of the time...

And being that females with children are an irrelevant voting group to the Democratic party, no one should be surprised that their convention  - starring childless woman, abortioneers, and free-sex advocates - would do everything they could to make those miserable little rugrats as scarce as possible:

The Democratic National Committee is taking flak from women’s groups for the lack of child care that is being provided at the convention.

The Charlotte Observer reports that children will not be allowed access on the floor of the Democratic National Convention and that daycare will not be provided for delegates who bring their kids.

Women’s rights activist Gloria Steinem and several National Organization of Women chapters have called out the DNC for the “discrimination against mothers with young children.”

Zoe Nicholson, president for the Pacific Shore NOW chapter, is calling for the DNC to end this “outdated practice.”

“We believe this practice of discrimination needs to end in 2012,” Nicholson told The Daily Caller. “This is the year for the Democratic leadership to demonstrate comprehensive support of women, ending this outdated practice and to state publicly that it supports true family values.

Oh, Zoe -  gay marriages, higher taxation, government-rationed healthcare, and unlimited unlicensed immigration are true family values!  Every good Democrat knows that...

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