Thursday, August 30, 2012

Media, Democrats Fail To "Akinize" Republicans...

Gee, since the middle of last week, all I heard about was how this Todd Akin fellow out of Missouri -  who made a stupid comment about pregnancy & rape - was going to be the undoing of the Republican party, as what few women supporters they have left would flee as soon as they realized Akin was not speaking just for himself, but was in fact the heart & soul of the Republican party!  And of course, his warped views are ascribed to in toto by  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, in case you didn't know.

And in case you didn't know, the Democrats were out there every day making the case, with the media gladly allowing themselves to be used as a megaphone to amplify the message.  So how did that work out?

As well as every other desperation ploy the Left has employed over the past few weeks:

The New York Times reports: “In the wake of the widespread outrage over a Missouri congressman’s remarks about rape and abortion, about 60 percent of Americans do not think his comments reflect the views of most Republicans, according to the latest CBS News poll. That result includes a majority of women. And while there is little gender difference overall on abortion views, women and Democrats are more likely than men or Republicans to say they could not back a candidate who disagreed with them on abortion.” Maybe voters aren’t quite as dense as Democrats think they are.

It gets worse for the party who has dedicated their convention to the celebration of abortion:

Moreover, the voters are not as fixated on the abortion issue as Democrats had hoped. By a large majority (57 percent to 34 percent), voters say they could vote for someone with whom they disagree on abortion.

A further disappointment to pro-abortion-on-demand Democrats is that 61 percent of voters don’t support abortion without limitations. Only 35 percent of the electorate buys the Democratic position — “permitted in all cases.” Lastly, there are no significant gender differences in voters’ responses...

Maybe that's why Todd Akin - like Bain Capital, Romney's tax returns, at all the other nonsense vomited up by the Democrats lately - seems to have dropped off the face of the earth.  I suppose if it isn't helpful in getting Barack Obama re-elected, it simply ain't news.

Wonder if those guys want to rethink giving Sandra Fluke - "I wanna get laid, and want the taxpayers to pick up the tab!" a prime-time speaking slot at the convention?

If she doesn't make America sick, well...stay tuned.  She'll be followed by Elizabeth Warren -  the self-proclaimed intellectual force behind the "Occupy" movement, as well as the originator of the "You didn't build that" meme (so ham-handedly stolen by Barack Obama).

It's isn't all bad - maybe while Fluke is talking about "pay-for-play", Ms. Warren can whip out her tit, as she has claimed to be the first woman in New Jersey history to do so:

If that isn't enough to make you gag, well...we've heard a rumor this chick may show up too:

Not quite the way I would celebrate women...but those Democrats, they sure do have some wacky ideas...

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