Thursday, August 02, 2012

Chick-Fil-A: Jersey Represents!

Yeah, even in Blue Jersey, people still would like to keep their freedom of speech...via the New York Post:

Masses line up to show support for Chick-fil-A CEO

It took more than hour to order a chicken sandwich at a New Jersey Chick-fil-A yesterday as hundreds of diners descended on the fast-food chain to show their support for the company’s CEO — a vocal critic of gay marriage.

The scene at the Paramus Park Mall, where the long lines snaked throughout the food court into the early evening, was played out at hundreds of other Chick-fil-A locations throughout the country in a show of solidarity for the company’s president, Dan Cathy, and free speech.

“We’re here to show support for his freedom of speech and his right to say what he wants, whether we agree or disagree,” said Eric Arosemowicz, who came with his wife, Dana.
“I think the mayors of those big cities need to worry about their local issues and not worry about what the founder believes about marriage,” said Dana Arosemowicz, while waiting at the New Jersey eatery with her husband.
“I took the afternoon off just to support the freedom of religious beliefs and speech,” home health care nurse Christin De Meo, 51, said after about an hour on line in Paramus.

Ken Walsh, the owner/operator of the Paramus outlet, was stunned by the huge crowd. “We never have lines like this,” said Walsh.

Neighboring eateries in the mall’s food court were near empty...

"A backlash against a backlash" is the way the New York Post describes it, but the blowback didn't start yesterday at Chick-fil-A.  It started in Wisconsin with the re-election of Scott Walker, moved to Brooklyn with the election of Republicans in districts that haven't seen them in almost a century, and showed up on Tuesday in Texas with the landslide victory of Ted Cruz.

Nervous much, Barack?

Word is that gays will hold a homosexual "kiss-in" at Chick-Fil-A's on Friday.  And while there's nothing wrong with waiting on line with buying chicken, aggressive PDA's in public places tends to turn most people off, regardless of the gender of the participants.  And may be illegal in some places as well.

Good luck with that.  Maybe Rahm Emanuel can suck face with David Axelrod at the Chicago outlet.  Hey, if you are that devoted to the cause...

And while we're speaking about Jersey, all is not well in the Garden State:

President Barack Obama is maintaining a lead over Mitt Romney among New Jersey voters surveyed despite concerns about the way he's doing his job. A Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll released Thursday shows Obama 13 percentage points ahead of the Republican....However, only a third of the New Jersey registered voters surveyed believe the country is moving in the right direction and 49 percent approve of the way Obama is handling his job...

Still too much blue in those Jersey veins.  They know the guy is doing a shit job, but can't bring themselves to pull the lever for a Republican (yet).  Or at least not admit it...

Sigh.  Still some work to do, I suppose.  We'll stay on it...


Infidel de Manahatta said...

Good for New Jersey.

I wonder if these idiots who wanted to protest Chick-fil-A will protest countries that execute homosexuals?

probably not. After all they need gas for their SUVs. If only America had natural resources of its own.

no wait....:)

Jkw said...

"President Barack Obama is maintaining a lead over Mitt Romney among New Jersey voters surveyed despite concerns about the way he's doing his job...."
yea, whats up with that??
time to smell the coffee