Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Biden's "Chains": Who's Really Enslaving Black America?

“They gonna put y’all back in chains.”
~Joe Biden on the Romney/Ryan ticket, while speaking to a predominantly African American audience

Romney lashed out, with justification, telling Biden's boss to “take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting America.”.

Nice to see some fire in the belly.  But this is a "teachable moment", to use the words of the president.  And we shouldn't let a crisis go to waste, as his cadres are wont to say.

It's time to face the black community, and tell them to look around.  Ask them how giving their unquestioned loyalty to the Democratic party has worked out for them.  Point out that Biden is using the ultimate scare tactic - "If the Republicans win, they will enslave you again" - because neither he, or his party, have anything tangible to offer you as proof your support for them is worthwhile.

It is time for Romney to speak some plain truth here:  The Democrats have hooked black Americans on "government cheese",  providing them with minimal sustenance via welfare and unemployment checks, while corrupting their once-unshakable morality that allowed them to survive centuries of enslavement. They have offered no incentive, no opportunities for the black community to get "off the cheese" and out on their own, where they can prosper and flourish, and not just simply survive.

And there is a reason for that.  An independent black community, one that is free from the bonds of government, may not necessarily vote Democratic.  And that's a big, big problem for the party, who would be crippled without that voting bloc.

We need to point out to African-Americans that Biden is right in one respect - there are the rattle of chains about.  But they are being placed there by the Democrats, who cannot afford for them walk off the plantation.  So they give the blacks just enough to survive - not thrive - and scare them with dire threats about what the other guys would do if they had the chance...

And if you dare wander off the liberal plantation, well...they'll make an example of you, pal.  Just ask Juan Williams.   Or Allen West.  Or Justice Clarence Thomas.

Better yet, ask Condi Rice:

Vice-Provost at Harvard, concert pianist, and Secretary of State?  Or just a n*gger parrot, doing master's bidding?  This is how a black person of great accomplishment is depicted should they leave the Democratic  plantation...

What does Romney have to lose by making this obvious case?  Is he going to fall from 10% of the black vote to 9%?

The ones who have the most to lose with four more years of Barack Obama and the Democrats are black Americans.  Someone ought to think of them...

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