Wednesday, August 01, 2012

(Ted) Cruz Control, "300", And Why Barack Obama Is Sh*tting Bricks

Stunning. Spectacular. In your face.

No other way to describe Ted Cruz's 13 point win over Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst for the Republican Senate nomination in the great state of Texas.  If you take into account Cruz's second-place finish to Dewhurst in the "first round" of the primaries, it's a 24-point turn-around for the Tea Party candidate.

Most of the early polling showed Dewhurst with about a 6-8 point lead over Cruz.  As June wore into July, it was Cruz picking up a 4-6 point lead (a lead Dewhurst claimed as his own, based on his internal polls), and it wasn't until the final pre-election poll, which showed Cruz opening up a 10 point lead, that we saw the makings of a rout.  And yet, Cruz's victory margin topped even that figure, thought to be an outlier at the time.

Dewhurst spent almost $25 million of his own money on the race.  Cruz raised closer to $7 million, although the Club for Growth kicked in another $5.5M of their own on his behalf.

Outspent almost 2-1, Cruz still eviscerated his opponent.  Over 1 million Texans came out to vote on this sweltering summer day, roasting in 100+ degree heat, to make their voices heard.

Related to the point I am about to make:

Ted Cruz wasn’t the only Tea Party victory yesterday. The entire political establishment of Georgia (including the Republican governor and legislative leadership, plus the Democratic mayor of Atlanta and his machine), just got its collective ass royally kicked by the Tea Party. “TSPLOST,” a sales tax hike that would have funded a multi-billion dollar slush fund for transit boondoggles and taxpayer-funded development bootstrapping was supported by $10 million in relentless advertising. Tea Party groups spent all of $15,000 in paid opposition.

Result: 69-31, against. And that was in the Atlanta metro region.

What does Barack Obama see, when he looks over this landscape?

He sees polls with virtually no reliability, seemingly missing out on a key voting bloc that turns out en masse on election day.  A bloc that seems to be growing, not shrinking, no matter how much his state-controlled media derides and mocks them.  A bloc that is impervious to the bombardment of slick, time-tested political advertising, that cannot be moved by negative attacks or even outright lies.

And he sees that more and more Americans are voting with this group, even if they claim no affiliation.  In places like Atlanta, Wisconsin, and Brooklyn, NY.  He sees the Jews leaving him, one by one, and looks at the likelihood of Republicans having two high-profile Hispanic Senators (Cruz & Rubio), versus only one for the Democrats, the lowly and laughable Bob Menendez (D-La Raza).

And while his oracles - the mainstream media - keep telling him he is infallible, a god, it seems as if even Obama knows that their books are cooked.  And perhaps our president feels like another god-king, who saw his best-laid plans laid to waste by those who could not be bribed or bought

Into the Hot Gates we march. Into that narrow corridor we march. Xerxes numbers count for nothing...

....nor does Obama's money.  Or his polling.  Barack Obama is heading into his own Hot Gates on November 7th, his armies of insane liberals neither as large or strong as he once believed.  And it may in fact be beginning to dawn on him, for the first time, that his doom is at hand.

Maybe he'll "dicispline" his generals...?

Update:  Revenge is a dish best served...with Chick-Fil-A?

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