Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Future Of The Republican Party: Hot Jewish Girls?

While the older generation of secular American Jews trudge dutifully to their polling places and vote Democratic religiously (pun intended), younger Jews brought up in increasingly more conservative households and synagogues are taking a right turn.

And the hotbed of this little revolution is in the outer boroughs of New York -  Brooklyn and Queens, where Bob Turner (OK, an older Jewish guy) took Anthony Weiner's seat (the first Republican elected in the district since the Roaring '20's), and where young neophyte David Storobin ( a Russian Jew) took a State Senate seat away from the be-knighted son of the local Democratic Club.

Significant, because another young Jewish neophyte is running for State Senate in Brooklyn.  The difference here is that...she's sexy and she knows it:

An ultra-tan and, like, totally cool 22-year-old from Brooklyn is running for state Senate, landing on the usually stuffed-shirt political scene in an explosion of pink and bling — and sporting a Web site that’s more “Legally Blonde” than “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

 “I’m Senator and I Know It,” newbie candidate Mindy Meyer’s Web site declares in tricked-out letters as an instrumental version of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” plays. The clearly fun-loving, Orthodox Jewish law-school student cites Rudy Giuliani as her political idol....

In another photo, she’s holding a bow and arrow as Katniss from the “Hunger Games,” alongside her position on poverty and unemployment: “No more ‘Hunger Games’ in our district!”

Meyer may be a political neophyte, but “I can tell you one thing, I have no experience in corruption,” says the Touro College alum, who majored in political science.

Running as a Republican and Conservative, Meyer will face Democratic incumbent Kevin Parker. Parker didn’t return calls from The Post but told the Web site City & State he’s taking her campaign seriously. 

“Every challenge is a credible challenge,” he said. “This is the American democratic process, but I don’t know Ms. Meyer at all. She is rather young.”

 But her candidacy is making Brooklyn’s Conservative Party chairman very happy. “She’s a law-school student, she’s extremely intelligent, she is very focused on this race, and I’m excited to have a candidate who’s getting all this attention!” gushed Jerry Kassar.

Mindy is keepin' it real....

Gothamist claims Mindy has raised over $12,000 so far for her campaign, and says (on her site, currently overwhelmed with traffic) that she "intends to utilize her religious values and moral compass as her guide."

Realistically - it is unlikely Mindy will win (although I am sure David Storobin was told he couldn't win either, until...he won).  But her candidacy represents part of the new wave of young Jewish conservatives  - a movement that may not make themselves overly apparent in the 2012 election, but who will take a different political path than their parents.

Time for Republicans to start wooing the Mindy Meyers of the world.  The next election may turn on them....

(Linked by Israel Matzav - "Todah khaveri !")


Anonymous said...

Bob Turner is not Jewish. He is an Irish Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Wow another dumbass from New York running for state senator! She is quite unintelligent and has no idea about anything in politics. She couldn't even name basic politicians they showed her on Fox News! She does not represent our community, she does not represent Orthodox Jews, and is a shame to Brooklynites in general. When someone uses Kim Kardashian and Legally Blonde as their foundation, you know they are insane. Her other ideas probably were: free candy, a hello kitty flag for New York, and the license plates should all be bedazzled.
Parents please drill into your kids a sense of normalcy. Do not be afraid that you will be a dream killer if you tell your child that they have an absurd ambition. You will save your child from much grief and pain.

Anonymous said...

Who would vote for this barbie, she's not the solution, she's the problem.