Sunday, July 08, 2012

Middle-Aged Couple Arrested For...Dancing On A Subway Platform?

A still-in-love 50+ couple, sharing a dance after a glorious night while awaiting the #2 train, with music provided by a steel-drum player hoping to bring home some spare change.

Sounds like a scene from a romantic comedy, right? 

Well, that would be fiction.  In Mayor Bloomberg's New York, this sweet, innocent scene turned into a nightmare for the dentist and his wife:

It was nearly midnight when Stern and Hess, a film-industry prop master, headed home last July from Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night’s Swing. As they waited for the train, a musician started playing steel drums on the nearly empty platform and Stern and Hess began to feel the beat.

“We were doing the Charleston,” Stern said. That’s when two police officers approached and pulled a “Footloose.

The cops asked for ID, but when Stern could only produce a credit card, the officers ordered the couple to go with them — even though the credit card had the dentist’s picture and signature.

Remember when this used to be a free country? Now cops are allowed to ask, "Ver are your papers?", and if you don't provide sufficient information, well...

When Hess began trying to film the encounter, things got ugly, Stern said. “We brought out the camera, and that’s when they called backup,” she said. “That’s when eight ninja cops came from out of nowhere.

Hess was allegedly tackled to the platform floor, and cuffs were slapped on both of them. The initial charge, according to Stern, was disorderly conduct for “impeding the flow of traffic.” “There was nobody on the platform. There were, like, three people,” she said.

 The charges, including resisting arrest, were later dropped. The couple has filed a Manhattan federal court suit against the city for unspecified damage

They claim to have spent almost 24 hours in lockup for dancing. Or, more likely, for attempting to provide evidence that the cops were acting in a vicious and vindictive manner.

Hope they win. And I hope someone pays for this - besides the New York taxpayer, I mean.

Life under nanny-state liberalism? Ask Mr & Mrs. Hess how much fun it is...

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Anonymous said...

Where are the yells and screams from the media or any of the special interests groups? Oh yea...that's right, there are no special interest groups for white heterosexual married couples in love. It would be racist if there was. If this was two minorities, or two gay men, there would be screams of racism, homophobe, xenophobe, danceophobe, police brutality, something oughta be done, the law needs to change, Pelosi would be telling everyone how she used to dance in the sixties and she would be beaten up and it was a horrible time in America....blah blah blah.

But two traditionally married white people and the media doesn't GOS.

You know, I have never been proud of my country ('s governemnt during the obama regime) my entire adult life.