Friday, July 27, 2012

Barack Obama, Inadvertently Vetting Himself....

...and doing a much more thorough job than the mainstream media ever did, or ever will.

You want to know the man behind the genteel countenance, the smooth speaking voice, the facade of moderation?  Obama's recent "unplugged" moments have done a better job of stripping the man down and revealing his bare, nasty little soul than any half-hearted investigative journalist would have.

Matthew Continetti, writing in the Free Beacon:

Beneath the visage of a cosmetically populist, post-racial, post-partisan reformer who wants to “perfect” America and to have “millionaires and billionaires” “pay their fair share” is just another condescending, self-important, sarcastic, academic liberal Democrat, who believes in false consciousness and in scholastic theories that success in life can be attributed to birth or luck or community but not to individual effort and grit. Obama may be talented at self-fashioning, but he cannot maintain his public face constantly. The mask sometimes slips.

The real Obama emerges. He lets loose in the self-consciously ironic and pretentiously omniscient argot of the American ruling class, lecturing audiences in what he, Elizabeth Warren, and the segment producers at MSNBC treat as the new catechism.

Obama’s impromptu rhetoric is laced with the arch, dry, and bitter humor of the liberal bourgeois who write our newspapers and magazines and books and Comedy Central “news” shows. This is the cynical and snarky voice that informs comments such as “You’re likeable enough” and “the election’s over” and, at the June 13, 2011, meeting of the president’s jobs council, “Shovel ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected.”

Good stuff.  Read it all...

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