Saturday, July 07, 2012

Chris Christie In A "Jersey Shore" Boardwalk Brawl ??

Sometimes, I think my beloved governor might just be a bit to "Jersey" to be Vice many of us in the Garden State, we are just itching for a brawl...even if it is on the Seaside boardwalk:

More here. The ugly incident was apparently instigated by...a New Jersey teacher.

It's always the public sector union employees who seem to feel the greatest sense of entitlement. To our money. And who always seems to be the first to resort to uncivil behavior. Wisconsin, anyone?

Next time, Chris, bash his f*cking teeth in. And watch your approval numbers skyrocket...

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Will said...

OMG! I was speechless first When I watched the video. That was so awkward when people are staring and he is the center of their attention. :(